Europe Travel Guide

Europe Travel Guide

A tour guide from bonjour to adios in Europe From bohemian Prague to playful Paris and from lively Lisbon to eternal Rome, Europe is a cultural wonderland. There is a general rule to abide in Europe tourism: let your heart be the guide instead of a Europe travel guide. The culture of Europe is a fine example that full potential of human faculties transcends beyond geographic or linguistic bounds. Europe is more than just another destination; it’s a temptation that no ardent traveler can ignore.

Tourism in Europe is a thriving industry with nearly 500 million travelers visiting Europe every year. The Balkan countries like Albania, Romania, and Serbia feature stunning mountains, beaches, and multicultural towns. The United Kingdom is a microcosm of native and immigrant cultures. The Baltic state of Estonia is famous for natural beauty and medieval old towns. Central Europe—Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, and Poland—is famous for plenty of historical towns, thriving nightlife, and fairy-tale countryside.

France is the most visited country in the world. It is renowned for gastronomy, culture, and fashion. From the French Riviera to ski resorts in the French Alps, France is unrivaled in beauty and glamor. The Alps are frequented by some 120 million visitors every year. Some of the top ski resorts in Alps include Oberstdorf in Bavaria, Davos in Switzerland, and Chamonix in France.

Italy has few peers when it comes to top destinations in Europe for art lovers. Be it art galleries in Florence or sightseeing tours in Rome, Italy harbors all the sweetness of life. Spain and Portugal may be separated by a peninsula but, cities and its inhabitants are welcoming on both sides.

Don’t forget to sunbathe along the Mediterranean coast from Galicia in Spain to Naples in Italy and Mykonos in Greece. The Eastern Mediterranean region is a paradise for beach-goers and cultural enthusiasts alike. Up north, the Scandinavian region is popular for spectacular scenery of lakes, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, and waterfalls. All in all, Europe tourism offers different strokes for all kind of travelers.  

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